Sub Phatty

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The Moog Sub Phatty is a powerfull analog synthesizer featuring Moog Multidrive; which can add warmth and girth, but when pushed, it delivers a screaming snarl that is highly reactive to resonance, waveshape, and oscillator level. The Sub Phatty is now available for £739.00 while stocks last.


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LS1 Active Loudspeakers

Now On Demonstration!

The Grimm Audio LS1 loudspeakers are groundbreaking DSP enabled active reference monitors that provide unparalleled accuracy and detail making them truly one of the best monitors systems we have ever heard. The LS1's are now availble to demo, please get in touch for more info.

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Avenson ST0-2

Matched Pair

The Avenson Audio ST02 omni condenser microphones come in matched pairs as standard and provide very high quality ressults for studio recording applications. Highly recommended for guitars, drums overheads and percusion.


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